It is encouraging to see that the Seaford City Council 4/17/21 elections have drawn the interest of four candidates to contest two available seats.

My thoughts about the two candidates I support follow.

James King, Sr.- Unafraid to be responsive to citizens’ needs and concerns. Councilman King exposed one attempted illegal meeting of the 2020 Seaford Board of Elections and paved the way for the exposure of two DOJ-determined illegal secret meetings of that same Board. With limited campaign opportunities in 2020, Mr. King came within 40 votes of upsetting David Genshaw’s bid for mayoral reelection. Councilman King is prepared to challenge the unilateral actions of City Manager Anderson and City Solicitor Griffith who would like nothing more than to see Mr. King replaced on the City Council. My productive discussions with Mr. King take place on an ongoing basis.

Jeffrey Benson, Jr.- A demonstrated civic leader. Unlike other newcomers to city politics, Mr. Benson has been an elected member of the Seaford School Board for the past six years. As a member of the School Board, Mr. Benson has been a legislative liaison to the Delaware School Boards Association. He also serves on the education task force “Vision Coalition of Delaware” at the state level. My invitation to meet and discuss the issues was honored with a lengthy video conference and followup email. Mr. Benson proved to be an astute listener and an adept presenter of his ideas.

A vote for Mr. King will continue the opportunity for our city to veer away from the current path and style of non-elected “leadership” of City Manager Anderson and City Solicitor Griffith, at the behest of Mayor Genshaw.

Both Mr. King and Mr. Benson are strong advocates of greatly increased voter registration and taking steps necessary to increase municipal voter turnout. These changes will eventually lead to more meaningful, public/citizen input into municipal decision making. Perhaps there might even be public participation during meetings of M&CC as occurs in virtually all Delaware municipalities except Sea- ford.

Both Mr. Benson and Mr. King are committed to growth for the betterment of Seaford. However, growth without accompanying honesty and integrity in our city officials would give “The Perfect Place To Start” mantra a distinctly hollow ring.

Dan Cannon