Last week Frank Dominic Orbin asked a series of questions about COVID-19. Since I have been writing a weekly update on COVID-19, I felt it appropriate to answer those questions.

The questions primarily asked about why do we need masks and social distancing and past lockdowns and vaccines.

When I attend a C-section, there is a necessary process. I change from street clothes into scrubs. I then don a mask, a hat and shoe covers. That is followed by a five minute scrub of arms up to the elbow with a clock overhead to measure time. I then go into the operating room with hands up using my back to open the door. The nurse hands me a sterile towel to dry my hands. I then put on a sterile gown which another nurse ties for me at the back. The nurse opens sterile gloves for me to put my hands into. Finally I get a sterile blanket over my arms for the obstetrician to put the newborn onto.

All of this is done to prevent the newborn from getting infected. Any one of those steps being omitted might be the one that results in infection. That is why we do all of them.

The chance of infection is relatively small. However, we do not want to take that risk. The chance of death from COVID-19 infection is now one in 500 Americans. That risk is much higher. Therefore we need to take whatever steps are needed, no matter how many they are, to prevent more deaths.

The last question that Mr. Orbin raised was why there was a liability clause with the vaccine. It has nothing to do with the vaccine. It is related to a society that sees personal injury suits as winning the lottery. Real or imagined rare side effects should not be a lottery ticket.

I hope that provides the answers to the COVID-19 questions. Thanks for the opportunity to provide the logic behind our actions.

Dr. Anthony Policastro