Letter to the Editor: Response to column

Generally, I agree with Tony Windsor’s column in the Laurel Star dated Feb. 4-10. As is the case with most media inputs in this day and time, the definitions matter. We do not have enough information to determine if the protest was an insurrection. The difference between an insurrection and a protest seems to be more of a political question. Again, definitions matter.

Without political bias, can we determine what Tony is talking about when he uses the word “democracy”?

A government run by the government is one definition of a democracy. Using an old adage, “A democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what is on the dinner menu” applies to our present system of government.

Democracy has been redefined several times, especially since Carl Marx entered the scene. Lenin also added to the change in what we perceive as democracy today. Much of academia still believes that Marx is/was correct. Actually, we are socialist and drifting more toward communism and chaos every day. When we have little or incompetent leadership, we have chaos and tyranny. Portland is a good example.

A republic is a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives. The constitution declares we are a republic. The word democracy does not appear one time in the constitution! Ben Franklin told us that “we have a republic, if we can keep it.” In practice, we were a democratic republic. That is no longer true.

Back at the beginning, elected officials were not expected to become professional politicians. They served a short period of time in government, went back to their farms and passed on the reins to the next citizen. They had not considered that term limits legislation should have been required. At that time, only the very slowest of the slow would think such legislation was required. Recently we have had problems with people that stay in office for decades. Many gain too much power and abuse the system and their fellow representation. This is not a good thing!

Tony, I’m afraid that I messed up on the bias thing. Maybe that’s not so bad, though. If we can all sit down, discuss divisions, determine definitions so we are all on the same page, communicate with each other and find each other’s common goals, maybe things will get better.

Bill Rounds


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