Well, it’s getting closer to another election for Seaford’s mayor (April 2022). Is David Genshaw working on a new political stunt to gather attention and drum up votes?

In 2017, just before the 2018 mayoral election, it was a Right to Work ordinance/city law that Genshaw spearheaded. Thankfully, this illegal law was swiftly and unceremoniously cut off at the knees by action of the Delaware General Assembly.

Now there is consideration of a new city ordinance “Relative to Abortion,” more specifically to regulate the fate of some fetuses.

On Sept. 9, in the Seaford Star, Seaford Star owner Bryant Richardson and Rebecca Jones ranted about the evils associated with legal abortions, just around the time it was announced that Planned Parenthood would open a Seaford office.

David Genshaw, along with his supporter Bryant Richardson, have now come up with yet another issue—paying City Solicitor Griffith with taxpayer dollars to pull together legal language to address this issue. Without providing any evidence, the (apparently) omniscient Genshaw claims that current medical practice “does not fit the morals and values of our community” even though no laws are being broken.

In addition, Genshaw, as usual, refuses to allow citizens to speak to the issue during meetings of Mayor and City Council—exactly how he operated when ramming through Right to Work.

Obviously, our mayor is deathly afraid to hear directly from the public, in public, about this controversial issue and has again refused to hold a public hearing—as he did during the consideration of Right to Work.

According to City Solicitor Griffith, this kind of law does not exist in any other Delaware municipality and was taken lock, stock and barrel from some other (unidentified) state. Sounds just like what happened with the Right to Work stunt, doesn’t it?

Is this supposed moral high ground issue even of real import to our city? What about the city’s persistent disregard of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) laws—with at least five city violations over the last five years? Clearly, these instances of repeated breaking of Delaware law are actually much better examples of what does not fit the morals and values of our community.

Sadly, David Genshaw’s/our city’s current prioritization and consideration of a new city ordinance “Relative to Abortion” is both misplaced and misguided.

Therefore, I don’t buy into this newest stunt for these and other reasons.

Dan Cannon