Letter to the Editor: Allegations

Do you have a relative making $50,000 a month? (Yes, a month.) Joe Biden’s family did. These payments from Ukraine have been confirmed. They were paid to Joe’s son who had no proficiency for the job. To me, accepting money from a foreign country because of your political standing is completely unethical, if not criminal. As a retired Navy officer and an independent (pro-choice, anti-gun, anti-socialist) I cannot bring myself to support this incoming president who has (allegedly) taken part in potentially criminal activity.

I do not blame the public for electing Biden since a majority are not even aware of this political activity. Even though this information came out in September, 95 percent of the major news organization totally ignored it. Not just newspapers but social sites such as Google, Twitter and Facebook and even PBS. What is the future of our country when we cannot even get accurate news? It is called one-party control which is dictatorship and not democracy.

Richard Dale


2021-01-07T09:42:10-05:00 January 7th, 2021|Perspective|