Laurel varsity football coach has high expectations for his players

By Mike McClure

Laurel varsity football coach Joey Jones has high expectations for all of his players, especially the returners. The Bulldogs went 3-3 in the South and 4-6 overall last season.

Among the returning players are: seniors Preston Chambers (WR/DB), Trevor Collins (RB/DB), Jacob Davis (OL/DL), Chris Dugard (RB/DE), Cam Pusey (OL/DL), Anthony Smith (RB/LB); juniors Javier White (RB/WR/DB), Kyler Weaver (RB/LB), James Johnson (RB/DE), Jett Furbush (OL/LB), J.J. Cannon (OL/DL; sophomores Brayden Hearn (OL/DL), Brady Lee (WR/DB), and Caden Shockley (QB/DB).

“They’ve already proven that we can have high expectations of them,” Jones said. He is looking for those players to set a good example for the young players and demonstrate what the coaches are teaching the team.

The team’s newcomers include: seniors B.J. Malone (RB/DB) and Justice Baynard (OL/DL); juniors Emiliyon Cannon (RB/DB), Omori’Yon Cannon (RB/DB), and Azzure Horsey (WR/LB); sophomores Kylse Wilson (RB/LB), Marquis Hopkins-Thompson (OL/DL), and Evan Collins (RB/LB). Jones is looking for those players to add more weapons to the team.

“They’ve all earned those high expectations and we’re going to hold them to them,” said Jones.

As always, the Henlopen South will be a weekly challenge. “The South is always tough. Whoever gets in from the South will have earned that spot,” Jones said. “If you’re going to compete in our conference you better buckle up because there’s some football teams across the board.”

The Bulldogs, like other Fall sports teams, have already faced challenges in the extended off-season.

“All the restrictions can be challenging, but I can’t praise our kids enough,” said Jones. “They’re making it easier. They understand that it’s play with a mask or don’t play. These kids have worked very hard together.”

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