Laurel Teacher of the Year Donna Sava has been teaching first grade for 20 years

By Scott Bleile

The Laurel School District named Donna Sava as their 2019-2020 teacher of the year.

Sava has been teaching first grade for 20 years and enjoys every day with her students. In October, the State of Delaware will pick a new State Teacher of the Year. Sava hopes to win that honor to continue her work for the students.

“I am so honored to receive this award,” said Sava. “I was tearful after hearing my named announced and honored that the district would pick me. There are so many excellent teachers in the district and this award is shared with all of them. I am so honored that I will be representing Laurel in the State Teacher of the Year.”

Laurel’s Teacher of the Year Donna Sava,, holding a book, is shown with some of her students in her classroom. Shown (l to r) are: Charli Evans, Sava, Andy Berduo-Sandoval, Ma’Riyah Hunt and Kolton Hazzard. Photo by Scott Bleile

Sava teaches a first grade inclusive class along with Catherine McGregor.

“The students in the class have different abilities and special needs,” said Sava. “I would not want to be anywhere else. These students learn from us and from each other. It is amazing what these students can accomplish. The biggest thing they learn is compassion. They understand they are just kids and help each other with their work and each thing they do in class.”

Sava’s platform for teacher of the year was to make sure all the students’ needs were being met in their education experience. “It is important we teach the whole child,” Sava continued. “We want everyone to be involved in the education of the student no matter the challenges. This includes all the teachers, staff and especially the parents. Communication is key to the development of the trust between the teachers, students and parents. We talk with the students and parents about the real world and what it means to the education process. Children have needs and we want to bring compassion back to classroom which will help bring everything together to help the child.”

Sava hopes her experience as the district’s teacher of the year will help her gain knowledge which she can share with her colleagues in the district.

“Throughout the year, I will be meeting with other teachers from around the state and hope to gain experience and knowledge which may help others in our district,” added Sava. “It is important we all work together to provide the best education we can for all students.”

The road to being Laurel’s Teacher of the Year took many different turns for Sava.

“I went to college to learn about fashion design and worked many jobs before moving back to Delaware,” Sava said. “I decided to go back to school and got my master’s degree in early education and figured teaching would be a prefect career for a young mother to be with my kids and just fell in love with the job. I could not imagine doing anything else with my life. Over the 20 years I have experienced a passion for teaching and wanting to make sure the students have everything they need to succeed.”

Sava lives in Seaford with her husband. She has two daughters, one in college in Florida getting a master’s in meteorology and the other in the Navy in flight school.

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