Laurel students recognized at school board meeting for their accomplishments

By Scott Bleile

At the March meeting of the Laurel School Board, the board recognized the accomplishments of students from several schools within the district. Fourth graders from Laurel Elementary School won an award from the State of Delaware for a rap song they wrote to celebrate Delaware Day and students from Laurel High School’s Educators Rising Career & Technical Student Organization competed with 19 other schools in the “Inside Our Schools” competition.

Laurel Elementary’s fourth grade classes who worked on the rap were Mrs. Davenport, Mrs. Eskridge, Mrs. Langley and Mrs. Truitt, Mrs. McCool, Mrs. Pastusak and Mrs. Hartstein, Mrs. Voges, and Miss Wheatley. The competition was sponsored by the state to celebrate Delaware Day which is Dec. 7. On this day we honor Delaware becoming the first state on Dec. 7, 1787 to ratify the Federal Constitution, thus making Delaware the first state in the new nation.

Students from Laurel Elementary School won a competition for creating a unique way to celebrate Delaware Day. The students performed the rap song they wrote at the Delaware Day Celebration in December. They then presented the song to the Laurel School Board at the March meeting. Pictured from left are Karter Hastings, Devin Byers, Armani Nichols, Addison Gaull and Rachael Singh. Photo by Scott Bleile

“We were given four topics about the Constitution with various questions which we divided amongst the seven classes to answer,” said Langley. “We had to create four panels to display our work. Some classes wrote poems, some made pop-up books, others produced a news interview, sung a rap, and all classes created other ways to answer the questions. Out of 19 schools in Delaware, fourth graders at LES were awarded one of the four Signers Awards. We won the Richard Bassett Award which was presented to us at the Delaware Day Awards ceremony at the Delaware Public Archives, on Dec. 8, 2018.”

Langley continued, “We won this award based on the clarity of answers, relevance of the pictures and graphics; the accuracy of writing mechanics; and the level of neatness, creativity, organization and attention to detail. But little did we know there would be a surprise. We were also awarded the Artistic Merit Award from the Delaware Division of the Arts and the Newark Arts Alliance. One of the questions tackled by Mrs. Eskridge and Mrs. Voges’ classes was to rephrase the Preamble into their own words. The judges were impressed, and we were asked to present this at the Delaware Day Awards Ceremony.”

The students presented the rap to the board who were also impressed.

On March 5, four students from Laurel High School competed in three competitions. Tyler Keeler, Taylor Hutson, Jacqueline Herrmann, and Paige McCarty competed in the “Inside Our Schools” presentation, which highlights innovative educational practices utilized within the Laurel School District.

“The students researched and highlighted our use of PLCs with teachers as a way to increase student achievement through increasing the use of great teaching practices,” said Stacey Stump, the organization’s teacher advisor. “Tyler competed in the Creative TED Talk, where he discussed school safety and how students are affected by the school shootings. Paige McCarty gave a moving speech in the competition entitled “EdRising Moment” which highlights the moment a student decided to become an educator. Of the three competitions, we earned medals in two. Bronze for the “Inside Our Schools” presentation and Paige McCarty earned a Silver medal for her speech.”

On April 8, Paige McCarty and Tyler Keeler accompanied Stump to the Delaware Pathways Conference where the students represented the entire K-12 Teacher Academy Program for the State of Delaware.

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