Laurel School Board welcomes district’s new teachers, staff

By Scott Bleile

The Laurel School Board welcomed new teachers and staff at their September board meeting. This is something new for the board and was done so everyone could get to know the board members and board members could meet the new staff. Each new hire was introduced by their principal and welcomed by the board.

According to Director of Human Resources, Dr. Rick Evans, Laurel hired over 40 new teachers and support staff this year. Each board member took time to welcome the new staff during the board communication part of the meeting.

“We are off to a great start and I welcome you all to the Laurel School District,” board member Brad Lee said. “We have lots of new faces and we want you to get to know us so when we come into your room for a visit you will know who we are.”

The Laurel School Board welcomed their new teachers and staff at the September board meeting. Pictured are the new staff members in attendance along with Laurel’s administration and school board members. Laurel hired over 40 new staff members for this school year. Photo by Scott Bleile

Board member Brent Nichols echoed Lee’s comments. “It is wonderful to see everyone and how great the start of school was for us. Every school looks fantastic and I am looking forward to great things happening this year.”

Board member Shane McCarty continued the welcome. “Thanks for what you are doing. As teachers you can never hear this statement enough. I wish you the best success for the year.”

Sabrina Isler added, “I officially welcome you to the district. I hope you have a wonderful school year and look forward to great things happening and want all of you to achieve your goals.” Board President Linda Wintjen said, “The reason we are having this welcome is because sometimes new teachers do not know who the board members are. I once had an employee not allow me into a school because they did not know me. We want you to feel welcome at any board meeting and hopefully you will remember us as we visit your schools. I hope you have a great school year.”

Each school principal then introduced each new staff member in attendance.

North Laurel Learning Academy has five new staff members; Laurel Elementary – eight; Laurel Middle – eight; Laurel High School – 17; Nutrition Services – one; Special Education – three; and Facilities – seven.

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