Laurel officer honored for lifesaving, volunteer efforts

By Tony E. Windsor

The Laurel Police Department recently held a special honors banquet for its officers at the Laurel Fire Hall. The event is held annually to recognize the law enforcement work carried out daily by the town’s police department on behalf of the community.

During the ceremonies, Pfc. Ashley Little was recognized with two distinct honors, the Bobby Carey Volunteer Officer of the Year Award and the 2018 Lifesaving Award.

In presenting the Volunteer Officer of the Year Award, Laurel Police Chief Danny Wright credited Little for her efforts in support of “youth, animals and the image of the Laurel Police Department.”

Wright said Little was asked by the Georgetown Police department to assist with its community youth police academy. “Without hesitation, Pfc. Little wanted to be a part of the academy program. She took active roles in both the instructional phases in addition to mentoring the children of the program,” he said. Wright said the Georgetown Police Department’s administrative staff told him that Little’s interaction with the academy cadets throughout the program, “was impressive and impactful and many of the students within the program asked when Officer Little would return.”

The chief also lauded Little for her passion for animals and their safety. “If anyone follows Pfc. Little on the Laurel Police Department’s Facebook page or her personal page, you will realize she is a lover of animals,” he said. “Pfc. Little has been known to assist turtles with crossing the street and is always looking to assist animals that are running at large; attempting to get them back to their owners. It is no surprise, when the Delmar Police Department was looking for volunteers to assist with K9 demonstrations, Pfc. Little did not hesitate to help.”

Wright said Little’s efforts to support the community in her duties with the police department extend beyond her role as a law enforcement officer. “Pfc. Little is always looking to improve the image of the Laurel Police Department,” he said. “She has made herself available for almost every function the Laurel Police is involved in. She does this without hesitation. Pfc. Little is an outstanding officer who goes above and beyond to give back to her community.”

In addition to receiving the Bobby Carey Volunteer Officer of the Year Award, Little was also presented a special “2018 Lifesaving Award.” Wright said the award stems from an incident that Little responded to at Hollybrook apartments on Jan. 19. When she arrived, Little found a man lying on the ground succumbing to drug overdose. Another person was performing CPR and Little immediately took over the CPR duties.

“Pfc. Little conducted an initial check of the subject and noticed that he did not have a pulse,” Wright said. “She continued administering chest compressions. After a short time of performing CPR, the subject became responsive, however, he went back out.”

Little continued chest compressions and was able to detect a pulse and eventually the man began breathing and was conscious when personnel from the Laurel Fire Department and Sussex County Emergency Medical Responders arrived.

“Due to Pfc. Little’s dedication to duty, and the preservation of human life, the subject survived his overdose, and was able to rejoin his family after further medical care,” Wright said. He went on to say the man also contacted the police department several days later to thank Pfc. Little for her efforts.

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