Don’t let fear replace your logical thinking

By Dr. Anthony Policastro

We have all had the experience of automobile salespersons preying on our fears. They might tell us that the deal on a car is only good for right now or if we don’t purchase extra features like paint protection the new car will rust out. They might also tell us that someone else is going to buy the car before we do.

These sales tactics are used in other areas as well. Anyone who has attended a time share presentation knows that they are heavy into warnings of dire consequences.

The goal is to create fear and the hope is the fear will result in us reacting emotionally. This will prevent rational thinking and the decisions will be less logical. The term for this type of action is fear mongering.

Scientific experiments have shown how this actually works. When we first hear about a topic, we may have an emotional reaction to it. Afterwards when that topic comes up we first react to it emotionally. Our minds suppress what should be a rational approach to it.

A good example is the emails that hit my inbox every day. I get mails from Republicans. They tell me to fear fake news, the deep state and witch hunts.

I get emails from Democrats. They tell me to fear collusion, obstruction of justice, cover-ups and a Constitutional crisis.

What they do not tell me is to support something. They tell me to be against something. They are trying to prey on my emotions. They hope that I will not be rational.

They have one reason for doing this. It has nothing to do with my political beliefs. They want money. They feel that by tapping into fear, they can get money.

They really do not care what else that money might be used for. They don’t care if I have to do without something so that they can get money. They don’t care if a local charity is deprived of a donation. They want the money instead.

Think about how many millions of dollars they collect. Then think about how much good those millions of dollars could do for a local charity. Is a paid political ad more deserving of our money than a local charity?

Ultimately, there is little difference between the money grab by political parties and salespeople. They both know that fear is a powerful emotion. They prey on that emotion. They hope that we will react with gut instinct rather than rational logic.

The next time you have enough money to write a donation check, think about who the recipient will be. If it is not a local charity, ask yourself whether you are writing out of fear or out of kindness.

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