Develop social content that grabs your audience

By Hook PR & Marketing

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Content is king.” The sentiment is true but social content must be easy to read – and worth reading.

Most consumers are overwhelmed with the information thrown at them. Too much social content and your customers might tune you out. Not enough and your customers might forget you. How do you understand what they want, when they want it, and how often?

  1. Start with a test. Social media continues to evolve. If you are in business, you likely have at least one social media page, if not more. Set up a test to see what interests your audience on one social media channel. For example, create four to five Facebook posts. Each post should link to your website. Write a few sentences to tease the article or content you are sending them to, then schedule the posts to span several weeks. Check Facebook insights to determine what got the most clicks, then create similar posts and post the same time of day. Continue to analyze the results to gain an understanding of where you can meet your customers on Facebook. Re-create the test on your other social channels.
  2. Offer a solution. Consumers want help solving their problems. Your business offers a solution. Find ways to help your customers solve their problems. You could offer a tips article, an educational video or a one-page downloadable cheat sheet. Customers are bombarded with advertisements and sales pitches. They want a quick and easy way to solve their problems. You could provide that solution.
  3. Develop great ideas. Finding an idea can be the biggest hurdle. One way to conquer this is a group brainstorming session. Get markers, sticky notes, collect everyone in a room and start jotting down ideas. Your group should include key team members, stakeholders, and perhaps existing customers. No idea is too crazy. The group can suggest ideas for content, including articles, blogs, pictures, downloads and checklists. Ask members to think about companies they follow online and why they enjoy that content. This meeting is a great way to bring everyone together and quickly come up with a host of ideas.

4. Post away. Now that your content is written or produced, schedule it to your social media channels. Determine how often you want to post and schedule the content through Facebook or a social media management tool. Continue to watch how consumers respond so you can update your strategy. And, if you hit a snag, count on Hook to help you with content and stories.

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