Anti-immunization is a scam

By Dr. Anthony Policastro

There is an interesting physician practice in California. The doctor is a psychiatrist and he runs an anti-aging clinic as his primary job. He also sells things including immunization exemptions. He has already done this for more than 50 patients. The diagnoses include things like learning disabilities.

There are some schools in California where over 20 percent of the students claim to have medical conditions that preclude vaccination. Another way of putting it is over 20 percent of the students have parents who are clueless.

The immunization scam was created by Dr. Andrew Wakefield who falsified data about the measles immunization. He had a good reason. He had created his own vaccine. His plan was to sell it and become rich when the discredited vaccine was gone.

Instead he lost his medical license and then he moved from England to the United States. It happened about the time social media was able to spread lies without anyone to say otherwise.

Because of that the movement has grown. Parents get their information online and they do not pay any attention to whether it is true or not.

They have now created measles outbreaks throughout the country. It is not due to stupidity. It is due to being medically naive. Globally, measles deaths are up by 22 percent this year.

I spend a lot of time explaining things to patients in the office. My feeling is the more they understand what is going on with their child, the more likely they are to make the correct decision on their child’s behalf.

Children without immunizations still die from meningitis. Children without immunizations can get measles and its complications which include seizures, encephalitis and death.

Unfortunately, some people make up their minds without any medical evidence. They feel they are so smart that they know better than anyone else.

They are supported by people like the California psychiatrist masquerading as a real doctor. Of course his support is also not based upon medical knowledge. It is based on what makes the most money for him.

One can hope that the California Board of Medicine treats him in a manner similar to the way the British Licensing Board treated Dr. Wakefield.

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